The Story Behind Svenska Utekök


A small carpentry from Tenhult and an even smaller e-commerce from Jonkoping, Sweden went in January 2015 together and decided to create a new brand. The focus was the new popular trend is to cook outside. The bottom line was Swedish outdoor kitchen.


Outdoor kitchen and the brand was launched at the Elmia fair “Vårsalong” the end of April where the first question was always the same, “manages the kitchen really stand out?”. The answer was obviously yes. The choice of material was, after all, the most important issue for us in the development stage. The choice was then quite easily in compact laminate which is used for playgrounds and patios.


It was obvious to us that the kitchen would be able to stand out over several years. Outdoor kitchen would of course also be neat and flexible, with compact laminate we got just the touch that we wanted in terms of materials, flexibility and solid craftsmanship. We therefore usually jokingly but with a certain tone of seriousness calling it the world’s best outdoor kitchen.


The launch of the local Elmia Vårsalong was obviously nervous, many of our loved ones had not even had time to see the kitchen and we did of course not at all what we had to wait for us. But the response was swift, we made a very successful trade show and got great feedback from those who were and visited us. First outdoor kitchen was sold the first day, which of course was an incredible high.