Here we hope that you can get answers to most of your questions. Remember that you can always contact us via the contact form if you have more questions.

Can our outdoor kitchen really stay outdoors?

Yes. This is because of the unique material selection compact laminate which is extremely resistant to weathering. It is used among other things for playgrounds, patios and furniture for outdoor use. And all the other details that are exposed to wind and weather are stainless steel and powder coated for outdoor use.

What is compact laminate?

Compact laminate is an extremely durable material with an exclusive appearance. Which has made the material a favorite among architects. The difference from the usual laminate is that the core consists of impregnated kraft paper. The material is easy care, water resistant and insensitive to common chemicals. Compact laminate is also found in playgrounds where the demand for sustainability is big.

Do I need to have a roof over my outdoor kitchen?

No you don´t. However for reasons of hygiene it would be preferable but the kitchen is capable of direct exposure to rain, wind and sunlight. Easy to clean by using the water hose.

How do I keep my kitchen during winter? 

If you can´t  bring your outdoor kitchen indoors during the winter months, we recommend our clients to drain it from water thoroughly and cover the kitchen with a tarpaulin or other suitable covering. The compact laminate is capable of winter weather.

How do I connect water to my outdoor kitchen?

If you order a mixer from us along with your kitchen, everything comes fully assembled with a Gardena connection (garden hose). You only need to connect the water hose and then you have a functional outdoor kitchen.

What weighs a fully equipped outdoor kitchen?

A fully equipped kitchen weighs 70 Kg. It will not blow down but lifts easy if you are two people.

Do I need to assemble the kitchen myself?

If you order a side table then it will be delivered unmounted because they do not fit on a EUR pallet. Otherwise all the details are delivered assembled.

More questions?

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us by filling out the form under the “contact us”. Otherwise you can reach us most easily to address info@svenskautekok.se.