Welcome to Svenska Utekök™


We manufacture and sell Swedish-made outdoor kitchen in compact laminates that are guaranteed to withstand all types of weather. We have put great emphasis on materials selection and use. All of our outdoor kitchen is Swedish produced to ensure excellent workmanship and that no compromises are made throughout the entire chain. All of our outdoor kitchens are supplied assembled and easily connected to the water from a common water hose.


The kitchen is the heart of the home and a natural gathering place. Why not bring this gathering place outdoor during the summer? We at Svenska Utekök™ wants to give everyone the opportunity to move their cooking outdoors.


For us, it goes without saying that our outdoor kitchen should be able to stay outdoors for several years. We choose compact laminate because of the exclusive and very hard material.  As opposed to ordinary laminate has a solid core of laminate and is extremely resistant to rain, frost and sun.

Besides good material, we also value stylish design, flexibility and solid craftsmanship. We have developed the worlds best outdoor kitchen in terms of material, flexibility and use.


As a customer you are the focus for us. Feel welcome to peek in on our site if you are looking for inspiration. Our outdoor kitchen fit equally well at the recreation site as the caravan or summer house.


Welcome to us at Svenska Utekök™. We produce the worlds best outdoor kitchen.

Excelent craftmanship

Stylish design


Weather resiliant

The worlds best outdoor kitchen